::ReVOX Artist : ALTUNA - Trance / Progressive / Techno

ALTUNA 來自印尼的華人頂尖製作人與DJ.製作多首TRANCE舞曲於國際發行.更榮或多個獎項於印尼. 是一位全方位又有天份的音樂家.回聲唱片很榮幸有機會與他合作!預計將會有一些關於ALTUNA的音樂做發行與活動

the man behind the name of Altuna. He had been dying for Electronic Dance Music since 1995, but time goes by his interest for electronic music grew more and more. After exploring lots of EDM, he fell in love with a heavenly & soul taking genre, TRANCE. At the late 2003, he began to pour his passion in music production; After creating some tunes, his interests for DJ'ing also developed and he booms his Local Dance Scene, by being the finalist of Heineken Thirst Studio 2006. As his career in music move on, he had spinned at the local regions club scene along side with great local DJ and Big Rave Festival with Niklas Harding (Armada Denmark), B.E.N (JOOF Rec UK) & All Big Names in Indonesia!! had made an International gigs at PepperClub, BEIJING,China!

同時也主持電台節目PUTERA GLOBAL SESSIONS .於每個月的第二.四個星期天於SENSE.FM Not only as a DJ & Producer, Altuna had joined force with EFFEN from Ministry Of Sound Singapore running a Trance & Progressive label name PUTERA RECORDINGS which is a sub label of BONZAI MUSIC. As his label Radio Manager, he had also been broadcasting a worldwide Bi weekly radioshow PUTERA GLOBAL SESSIONS (EVERY 2nd & 4th SUNDAY of each Month) with SENSE.FM together with Indonesian Biggest talents.

AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS: Nominee as: The Best Trance DJ 2008 (Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Award, Indonesia) The Best Producer 2008 (Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Award, Indonesia) The Best Trance DJ 2007 (Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Award, Indonesia) The Best Junior DJ 2007 (Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Award, Indonesia) The Track Of The Year 2007 (Raveex Electronic Dance Music Award & Paranoia Hard Rock FM, Indonesia) Heineken Thrist Studio 2006

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