:: 10/31 (sat) Halloween Taichung 2009


2009.10.31| Halloween Taichung | 萬聖變裝派對@Liquid Lounge | 台中 | Sat.23:00~ 05:00

女巫驚悚笑聲響徹陰涼雲霄,德拉古拉率眾於沈睡中甦醒,活屍尋覓鼓動體溫緩緩逼近,萬聖夜,瘋狂眾惡大搖大擺而來 "Liquid Lounge" 吧!將你的獠牙浸入鮮甜跳躍的脈搏中,大口滿足你對生命的渴望!妖惑之屋讓怪獸們徹夜撒野吧!舞池見吧各位惡魔!一起狂愛驚悚夜!

A witch's cackle echoes thru the cool night air, as vampires rise from their slumber and the undead make their way toward the distant sound of a pulsing beat... all is well on Halloween Night! Crazed villains and monsters alike, make your way to the Liquid Lounge, where a bordello of blood awaits you! Sink your teeth into the throbbing pulse, and quench your thirst for life!

★萬聖變裝大賽/Prizes for best costume
The Winner of best costume get champagne+ VIP free pass X 2!!
The Crypt Keepers

DJ Panda

Pitch Black/Aphrobet Productions
Vancouver/Taichung/ Music: Guilty Pleasures ~ B'more Breaks
I love music so much, I don't know what to do with myself. With so much music out there, I feel privileged to bring you a collection of sounds that have been floating in and around my ears. The tracks range from dirty bmore breaks to dubstep to hip hop and more. My goal is to reflect the utter enjoyment I feel from hearing these songs in hopes that you'll feel them, too. Peace.

Victor Yeh
前玫瑰唱片西洋部負責人,自02年起開啟了DJ的生涯現為法尼克獨立音樂品牌的主理人 。Victor自喻為前瞻性舞曲的瘋狂擁護者,曾擔任台中知名頂級Lounge 78-2,Kandi Club駐場DJ。自04年起於中部地區主導一系列主題派對。Victor深受全球電音舞曲文化影響甚鉅,風格帶有美妙的旋律,時而性感誘人、時而風騷俏皮。 他的Deep,Tech House以及帶有爵士與世界音樂元素的風格堪稱一絕。 遊走於House ,Minimal, Techno到Progressive 的多面向風格,在他的演出中你將體驗絕妙故事性的音樂旅程。
Victor was once the supervisor of western music department at “Rose Record, he has been joining and hosting countless party events since his early 20’s (Swank Christmas Party in 06, Swank Latex in 07, Boog!e’s Re: Fresh Electronic at Zoo, Boog!e’s Christmas Party in Wei Yi Hall , Digital Phenomenon at Luxy , Boog!e- Rock& Rave outdoor beach party at Tong-Shau in 2008. he also was the resident DJ for one of the top lunge bar- 78-2 and Kandi Club in Taichung. During the near years, he surly becomes one of the most innovative and popular DJ in Taiwan.
He has been deeply influenced by the world inventive electronic music culture and his style always with freaky elements and beautiful melodies. His sound is progressing and changing constantly with a burst of energy, slowly building up and unleashing the unknown within.
Yeh is well known of his very calm appearance on the stage but his choice of music and mixes give out everything he wants to share with his audience love, fun, energy and freedom of the spirit. He is indeed one of the Taiwanese DJ who always entertains and keeps the dance floor wild ,happy and alive .

Eddie Hu
回聲唱片創辦人Eddie Hu ,身兼音樂製作人以及DJ的身份,製作音樂領域專研多年~喜愛曲風廣泛,從搖滾&流行到電子音樂都可以看到他的足跡以及作品.於2006年創立回聲唱片後,全力以電子舞曲音樂為發展重心,希望能以最前衛的音樂思維帶領本地樂迷,享受到最先端的音樂文化.
Revox Records founder Eddie Hu, music producer and DJ. Specializes in producing music for many years, styles contain rock & pop & electronic music can be seen in his works. Revox Records creation in 2006, focus on the development of electronic dance music. Hoping to lead people enjoyed the charm of the electronic music by the most avant-garde tunes.

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No.33,Jing- Cheng Sec.St.
▇ Fubar
25-9, DaYe Road (Soho Street)
▇ La Bodega西班牙風味館
No.3,Jing Cheng 2nd St. Taichung
TEL: 04- 23194748
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預售優惠即日起至10/30 20:00止,動作要快!
鬼屋所在:台中市忠明南路98號 索命專線: 04-3601-9980
Liquid Lounge No. 98, Zhong Ming South Rd. RSVP: 04-3601-9980

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