TECH iN HOUSE - Special Guest : Petstov



***** 5/28/Fri 星期五 特別呈現: *******
來自中南美洲 - 智利的強力資深Minimal製作人,DJ

Petstov (Franco Munoz, Shogun, Minda, Childproof man)

遊走DUB, MINIMAL , DEEP或是Ricado Villalobo .Luciano般的Deep 2 hour set~

這天.也許稱不上一場派對. 該會是一場電子音樂的聆聽會.

Label: PetstovLab Records
web: www.petstov.com

Ticket: 200元+1杯酒水
敦化南路一段177巷10號 (小乾杯旁邊巷子)

Revox Records

Fiveon - [Tech House. Minimal. Deep House]
Shelter - [Tech House. Techno. Tribal]
Andy Ma - [Tech House. Progressive House]
Marc Engram - [Progressive House. Trance]
Gino - [Tech House. Techno.]

• Concept
Evidently, the sound of Petstov is pure personal, differentiated by varied aims in each episode. Nevertheless, there is still a main notion that feeds the aesthetic development, and affiliates all Petstov's works together.
On the one hand, Petstov has a profound immersion in the wealth of Chinese music, by which the incorporation of elements taken from dub, funk and micromusic, play an important role.
On the other hand, he makes use greatly of digital residues, such as glitches, clicks & cuts, lowercase sounds and unwanted sounds. Those usually considered as digital mistakes, have been judged by new criteria, turned into the main character in Petstov's productions. Through a consecutive anfractuosity as fusions, hybrids and reconstructions, eventually ends up in minimal techno and micro house, generally called - intelligent dance music (IDM).

• PersonalProjects
- Petstov/Childproof Man (2003-Present)
Petstov/ Childproof Man they are the last and present projects of Franco. Petstov is a mixture of minimal-house music for dancefloor, adding sounds from the nature, and in the opposite side is Childproof Man, with more deep music including african, ethnic and old chicago vibes, the latest production under this new project concept can be found in Ghostly International store in the main web, and the post-launch of "Abbe de Lubac EP" will be in the first days of October under Affin-Rec (German label). The first album of Petstov project was "album 09 EP". Apparently this album started a new age for Franco's music, as this new project is based 100% in digital softwares, such as Native Instruments Reaktor or Ableton Live. This sounds are more cold and clean, pure minimal-house. At the moment Petstov/Childproof Man continues working as a DJ and producer, and now heading east, also running his own Record Label, PetstovLab Records Taiwan.

- Shogun (2000-2003)
Shogun project started in 2000 with the album "Indigo Soul LP", with a big popularity in the danceable clubs, for instance, Womb in Tokyo. Shogun was divided into two, one is danceable and the other is soundscape and ambient sounds, as "Indigo Soul LP remixes". In this period of time Franco continued to make music for movies and TV series too, such as "Haiku" (2002, Director: Takeno Hamiyashi). Those music was more lay-back style, for the movies was about the story of sadness. This is one of the most important project of Franco, achieved his music career more proffesional. Shogun project endured for 3 years.

- Minda (1998-2000)
Minda project started in 1998 with the first album of Franco's music career - "Cuando LP". The name of Minda came from the Greek goddness, the antique ancestors of Franco. Minda project was more of danceable music, with tech and detroit sounds inside the melodies. This project endured for 3 years.

• First steps/ LovehouseRecords (1998-2007)
In 1998, with other 4 music producers co-established the label - Lovehouse Records, based in Chile, extended to Europe and Japan, featuring up front, minimal, experimental sound, with artists such as Maetrik (USA), Jeff Bennett (Sweden), John Tejada (USA), Jaumëtic (Spain), Pheek (Canada), Magda (Germany), Reynold (France), Ricardo Villalobos (Chile) and Christian Dittmann (Chile).

• At present/ PetstovLab Records Taiwan (2008-present)
PetstovLab is a group formed in 2008 audiovisual and established in Taiwan. Dj's, Vj's, live acts, net art, multimedia, design, experimental video, photography and all media, electro-acoustics are part of our current, coming together to develop, nurture and expand the different ideas and projects.
PetstovLab is a hallmark of downloads using audiovisual payments via credit card as well as Paypal, which includes a distribution with a 100% coverage, which clearly responds to the group and their creative needs, as well as a new way of acting and thinking and closed in the difficult music market. Our production and promotion is done in the same process, so we have total creative control over the references above.

- PetstovLab Records Taiwan

- PetstovLab Records /Artists Podcast

- PetstovLab Records /Guest Mixes Podcast

• Other labels ( 2000-present)
Contributing to: Klang Records (Germany), Monotonik Records (USA) Frankie Records (France), Traum (Germany), Trapez (Germany), Affin-Rec (Germany), Regular (Germany), MorrisAudio (Germany), Trenton (Germany), Ghostly International (Germany), as a remixer and producer.

• Most Representatives
- Abbe de Lubac EP (Affin-Rec_2010) - Germany
- The Ritual Feeling EP (Ghostly International_2010) - Germany
- Blue Album EP (PetstovLab_2009) - Taiwan
- Green Album EP (PetstovLab_2009) - Taiwan
- Red Album EP (PetstovLab_2009) - Taiwan
- Remix for "Chirman-Spend All of His Money"(2008) - Taiwan
- SirenSu posing for Me (PetstovLab_050) - Chile
- K8CD (Lovehouse Records_2005) - Chile, Spain
- 9-02EP (Lovehouse Records_2004) - Chile
- 9-01EP (Lovehouse Records_2004) - Chile
- 10EP (Lovehouse Records_2003) - Chile
- 09EP (Lovehouse Records_2003) - Chile
- Musica Heladita LP (OfftheSky Records_2002) - Chile, Canada
- Indigo Soul dub rmx (Lovehouse Records_2000) - Chile
- Indigo Soul LP (Lovehouse Records_2000) - Chile, Japan
- Agua Clara CD (Lovehouse Records_1999) - Chile
- Cuando Remixes EP (Lovehouse Records_1998) - Chile
- Cuando LP (LovehouseRecords_1998) - Chile
- Darkness CD (WaveLabRecords_1999) - Chile